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Tours of Kingston Penitentiary are offered through the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, NOT through Canada's Penitentiary Museum.

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August 1, 1914 – July 1919

Robert Creighton

Robert Creighton was born in Kingston in 1861, a son of Warden John Creighton. At 21, Robert became Warden's Clerk at Kingston Penitentiary. Promoted to Accountant on Dec. 29, 1892, he was transferred to Head Office in Ottawa on February 1, 1903.

From December of 1913 to April 1914, Mr. Creighton served as Warden of the Alberta Penitentiary at Edmonton. On August 1, 1914, he was permanently appointed as the Warden of Kingston Penitentiary, forty-four years after his father was appointed to the same position.


Warden Creighton's entire time as warden at Kingston Penitentiary was overshadowed by World War 1. Manufacturing at Canada's penitentiaries changed to support the war effort. Crime rates dropped as men went overseas. By 1918, inmates were granted pardons on condition they enlist for service. Many staff took leaves of absence to enlist, so temporary guards were hired to fill their positions.