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Genealogical Requests

Access to Information & Privacy

Genealogical requests can be restricted by Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) legislation, particularly in the case of more recent ancestors. We adhere to the following guidelines to determine whether ATIP legislation would apply to requests which we receive:


  • Has the subject been deceased for at least 20 years, and can proof of the fact be presented?
  • Would the subject’s age be at least 110 years on the date of the request? In other words, was the subject born at least 110 years ago?


If any of the above criteria can be met by the client, the research will not be subject to an ATIP request. Otherwise, the client must submit an ATIP request directly to the Correctional Service of Canada in order to obtain access to the given records.


ATIP forms and related policies can be found here: There is a fee of $5 CAD, payable to the Receiver General of Canada, to file an ATIP request.


Please contact the museum’s research service at 613-530-3122 or for more information.