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Tours of Kingston Penitentiary are offered through the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, NOT through Canada's Penitentiary Museum.

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CSC Numbered Badge

CSC Numbered Badge

 Under Correctional Service of Canada Policy Guideline 563-1, issued on Oct. 6, 2005, a new departmental badge was introduced.  This badge is unique in that it is individually numbered and designed for exclusive use in identification wallets, similar to the system employed by other elements of the criminal justice system in Canada. Only authorized staff identified by the Commissioner or Senior Deputy Commissioner are to be issued these numbered badges. Under the regulations, these badges remain the property of the CSC and are to be returned to the department should the individual it is assigned to no longer meet the qualifications as an 'authorized individual'. Upon retirement, a replica badge bearing the word "RETIRED" in place of the sequential number, can be issued. The only back-mark on this example is 'NEMO 2005' stamped onto the slider.

We are honoured that badge number '000001' has been transferred to the museum for preservation by Commissioner Don Head. 


CSC Numbered Badge
4.5cm x 5.8cm
Enamelled Brass
Period Made
2005 - present
Period of Use
2005 - present