Department of Justice Shoulder Title

This is the first pattern of departmental identification shoulder title used in federal penitentiaries in Canada.  It was introduced with the new Air-Force blue, ‘civilian’-cut uniforms in 1963-64.  Prior to this, the only embroidered insignia worn on federal penitentiary uniforms were limited to the “gate” rank patch and the chevrons used to indicate length of service.

These ‘Department of Justice’ rockers were black with light grey lettering.  They were worn between 1963 and 1966 when the new Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada was created, under which the Penitentiary Service was then administered. The French version is somewhat rarer in that it was only issued to institutions located in the province of Quebec.

ItemDepartment of Justice shoulder title
Dimensions2cm x 12.5cm
MaterialFelt; cotton
Period Made1963 – 1966
Period of Use1963 – 1966