Correctional Service of Canada Blazer Crest

 In 1993, another new uniform for Correctional staff was introduced.  This was to be the second pattern of CSC uniform.  As in 1963, once again, an attempt was made to ‘de-militarize’ the appearance of the Correctional staff dress. As a result, a civilian style uniform was designed consisting of a navy blue blazer, grey pants and either a light blue or blue and white striped shirt with clip-on necktie.  Headdress consisted of a navy blue baseball cap with the CSC badge embroidered on front. The only departmental identification crests consisted of this multi-coloured embroidered version of the CSC badge, which was sewn to the left breast of the blazer as well as the departmental title embroidered directly onto the left chest of the shirt above the pocket.  These blazer crests continued in use until the next re-design of the uniform in 2005, which returned to a more authoritative design of uniform more closely resembling those worn by police agencies.
Item Correctional Service of Canada Blazer Crest
Dimensions 7.5cm x 9cm
Material Fabric
Period Made 1993 – 2005
Period of Use 1993 – 2005
Maker Unknown