Bilingual Solicitor General Shoulder Title

 This shoulder title was introduced in 1972 in order to recognize the bilingual policy of the federal government under the Official Languages Act.  Unfortunately, it raised some controversy among staff in institutions in English Canada due to the French translation of the title appearing above the English, and therefore created the perception that French was receiving prominence.   Despite this, it continued in use until 1978-79, when the “Canadian Penitentiary Service” merged with the “National Parole Service” to create the new “Correctional Service of Canada”. It is identical to its predecessor in that it was also made of black canvas with white lettering.
Item Bilingual Solicitor General shoulder title
Dimensions 4cm x 11.2cm
Material Canvas; cotton
Period Made 1972 – 1979
Period of Use 1972 – 1979
Maker Unknown