Button - Correctional Service of Canada

The “Correctional Service of Canada” officially came into being in August of 1979 following the merger of the “Canadian Penitentiary Service” with the “National Parole Service”.  Along with this reorganization came a new uniform, however, for a short period, the old brass second-pattern “King’s Crown” Penitentiaries Canada buttons by Gaunt were re-issued from old stock. These “Key and Torch” buttons appear to have been introduced some time after the enamel cap badge came into widespread use throughout the system. Loosely translated, the Latin motto “Futura Recipere” means “Grasp the Future”. The key signifies security, and the torch signifies guidance. As for back-marks, examples appear both plain as well as de-bossed with “Canadian Buttons Limited”. This style of button was worn on the uniforms of federal correctional officers from the 1980s until the change of uniform in 2005. After this date, the working uniform no longer included a tunic or blazer. Since 2005, this button has only been used on ceremonial dress uniforms worn by members of the CSC Honour Guard.
Item Button – Correctional Service of Canada
Dimensions 2.5cm; 2.2cm; 1.9cm; 1.6cm; 1.3cm diameters
Material Gold-toned, Anodized plastic.
Period Made c. 1980s – present
Period of Use c. 1980s – present
Maker Canadian Buttons Ltd.