Shako Plate - Penitentiaries Canada

This badge is identical to the “Dominion Penitentiaries” and “Dominion Police” shako plates with the obvious exception of the change in title to “Penitentiaries Canada”.  At this time it is unknown when this change may have taken place, although it is believed that it was introduced c. 1896 and coincides with tunic buttons carrying the same title.  Unlike the “Dominion Penitentiaries” example, the center piece is mounted by two pins bent over, but in a vertical orientation (i.e. top and bottom).
Item Shako Plate – Penitentiaries Canada
Dimensions 8cm x 7cm
Material Bronze (?) stamped
Period Made c. 1896 – c. 1901
Period of Use c. 1896 – c. 1901
Maker Unknown