Shako Plate - Dominion Penitentiaries

This rare Victorian Shako plate is based upon the standard star-burst military Shako plates of the period. The centre is fastened to the plate by means of two bent metal pins to the left and right of centre. No maker’s mark. The plate employs two lugs oriented horizontally in order to fasten to headdress. Under the British North-America Act and Confederation in 1867, three existing penitentiaries were designated as federal facilities: Kingston Penitentiary, Saint John Penitentiary and Halifax Penitentiary. This plate is virtually identical to that used by the “Dominion Police” with the obvious exemption of the title band. A nearly identical version, but with the “Penitentiaries Canada” title also exists.  The example of that plate in our collection is of a darker, almost bronze colour. At this point in time, the dates of manufacture and usage are merely estimates.  No documentation has yet been located.
Item Shako Plate – Dominion Penitentiaries
Dimensions 8cm x 7cm
Material Stamped Glit Brass
Period Made c. 1867 – c. 1901
Period of Use c. 1867 – c. 1901
Maker Unknown