Cap Badge - Pénitenciers Canada (Queen's Crown; Staybrite)

This is the French variation of the “Pénitenciers Canada” anodized (or ‘Staybrite’) cap badge with Queen’s crown.  This badge was only issued to the nine federal institutions located in the province of Québec and, therefore, is somewhat scarcer than the English versions of the same badge. Apart from the updated crown, the most striking change appears in the maple leaf, which is represented in a more angular, graphic style as opposed to the naturalistic look of the previous examples.  As well, the fastenings were changed from the traditional pin and eyelet type to a two-post, screw and nut attachment placed in a horizontal orientation on the left and right sides of the reverse.

Item Cap Badge – Pénitenciers Canada
Dimensions 4.5cm x 3.9cm
Material Anodized plastic
Period Made c. 1970s
Period of Use c. 1970s to c. 1980
Maker Debossed “William Scully” on reverse of crown