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Tours of Kingston Penitentiary are offered through the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, NOT through Canada's Penitentiary Museum.

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Cap Badge - Pénitenciers Canada (King's Crown; Staybrite)

Cap Badge - Pénitenciers Canada (King's Crown; Staybrite)

This is the French variation of the anodized (or 'Staybrite') King's Crown "Pénitenciers Canada" badge.  Since this badge was only issued to the nine federal penitentiaries in the province of Québec, it is somewhat scarcer than the English "Penitentiaries Canada" version. "Made in England" is debossed on reverse of the maple leaf (likely J.R. Gaunt, London).

Cap Badge - Pénitenciers Canada
4.6cm x 3.9cm
Anodized plastic
Period Made
c. 1950 - 1952
Period of Use
c. 1950s - c. 1970s
Made in England debossed on reverse of leaf. Possibly J.R. Gaunt