Badge - Preferred Class Penitentiary (white metal)

Some confusion exists in connection with this cap badge due to its small size. Despite it’s being of the size commonly used for collar badges, photographic evidence confirms that it was, in fact, used as a cap badge. This stamped badge was also issued in cast gilt/brass. The reverse of the stamped white-metal versions of this badge include a small brass tablet soldered to the bottom ray and bearing the manufacturer’s identification:  J.R. GAUNT, MONTREAL. MADE IN ENGLAND.

This badge is unique in that it was used only at the “Preferred Class Penitentiary (Ontario)” on Bath Road in Kingston, as indicated by the “PCP” monogram at center. This facility opened in 1930 and was intended to house the “more reformable and physically fit, younger” inmate. This unique designation only lasted for 3 years however. In March of 1932 the facility was renamed “Collin’s Bay Penitentiary” and was re-classified as a general population facility.