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Cap Badge - Penitentiaries Canada (King's Crown; Staybrite)

Cap Badge - Penitentiaries Canada (King's Crown; Staybrite)

This is the English 'King's crown' variation of the anodized (or 'Staybrite') "Penitentiaries Canada" badge. Debossed "Made in England" on the reverse of the maple leaf. Likely J.R. Gaunt, London. Fastening is via the traditional lug and pin system oriented horizontally.  Despite the King's crown, the badge is known to have been issued well into the 1970s in tandem with the Queen's crown versions.

Cap Badge - Penitentiaries Canada (King's crown; Staybrite)
4.6cm x 3.9cm
Anodized plastic
Period Made
c. 1940s - c. 1952
Period of Use
c. 1940s - c. 1970s
Possibly J.R. Gaunt