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Tours of Kingston Penitentiary are offered through the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, NOT through Canada's Penitentiary Museum.

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Cap Badge - Penitentiaries Canada (King's Crown)

Cap Badge - Penitentiaries Canada (King's Crown)

One of a number of variations of the 'King's crown' "Penitentiaries Canada" cap badge. Primary differences are in the colour of brass used, and in the overall shape, this one being very convex in profile.  Fastening is by means of the traditional lug and pin system oriented horizontally. No maker's mark is evident. French versions of this brass badge are unknown.  Therefore, it is believed that the English version was issued across the country, including in Québec. 

Cap Badge - Penitentiaries Canada (King's Crown)
4.5cm x 3.9cm
Brass; stamped
Period Made
c. 1901 - c. 1952
Period of Use
c. 1901 - c. 1960s